We Are AzGen

We are a technology company on a worldwide search for world-changing technologies and we have the experience to help make them a reality.

Our Mission: We are on a worldwide search for world-changing technologies.

Our Values: We value ideas, relationships, passion, people and partnerships.

Our Goal: To create a thriving innovation-led ecosystem of companies and partners.

Our Culture: Be always-on but hands-off. Be enabling but ego-less. Be ready to change the world.

If you share this thinking, think about talking to us.

Leadership Team

We have a seasoned leadership team. We have success building global distribution channels throughout the world. We have the expertise, the experience, the insight and the passion. We are AzGen and we’ll get you there because we’ve been there.

From CEOs and Presidents, entrepreneurs and economists, advisors and strategists, our multi-skilled, multi-lingual leadership team are just that - leaders. Experts in their field with decades of experience in acquisitions, mergers, technologies, sciences and the relationships that fuel them all, you couldn't have a stronger team behind you as we all push forward together.

Paul Gray

Executive Director


A graduate of West Virginia University, Paul brings to our Board over twenty years of experience as an accountant (Ernst & Young LLP, KPMG LLP and Beers & Cutler LLP), entrepreneur (Potomac Management Group, LLC and Core Concepts, LLC) and Board member (Red Branch Technologies, Inc., Critical Solutions, Inc. and Biomimix, Inc.). Paul provides extensive experience on governance, financial reporting compliance, accounting, finance, business development and audit matters.

Luis Siemens



Luis has run several family-owned businesses as a shareholder and board member in the industrial, real estate and tourism sectors. He is the current CEO of Siemens Maquinaria, S.A., a 115 year old, fourth generation family business with over 100 employees specializing in industrial supplies/services/projects and worldwide logistics. Fluent in Spanish, English and German, Luis has vast experience building relationships in over 40 countries and has negotiated multimillion-dollar deals with companies in many of them.

Michael M. Williams



Michael ‘Mic’ Williams has been an investor for over 34 years in commercial real estate, manufacturing, mining, movies, lumber products, ships and television. Mic spent 18 years with Coldwell Banker Commercial Group before leaving to join Aries Enterprises as President of a large-scale land development company in Colorado and Arizona. Mic has been a featured speaker in the US, UK, Asia, and Africa on real estate and more recently featured in different venues as a speaker, moderator and panelist on “angel investing”.