A Decade of Preparation

For almost a decade, AzGen has been searching for, obtaining and collaborating with the best in their fields.

If there’s one thing our Board of Directors has maintained over that time, it’s that progress takes years. This is a universal truth in the research sectors that we take an interest in and something that we endeavour to remember in the work that we do. Because of this, our partners have not been chosen simply on the merit of short-term financial gain but on whether they can innovate over long periods and, most importantly, by what qualities they can add to AzGen as a whole. It has been an exciting challenge – one that we’re glad to see blossoming as we journey forward – and today we’re proud to create an online home to represent the fruits of our labour thus far.

AzGen Website launch

As with any project we take onboard, we approach the work at hand with patience and a strict adherence to quality. Our website development has been no different. The look of our brand and the pages where you can explore it, express our desire to nurture a prosperous ecosystem, rich with talent and compelling ideas. The website you see today is a home for all of our work, one we hope to expand on considerably as we help our partners to push new developments in the scientific world. We look forward to seeing how much it will grow over the decade to come.